Friday, 14 August 2015

and a new update

i thought it was time to give everybody a little update on the progress with the shop - as usual things always take much longer than anticipated, so we have revised our launch day and if i am being totally realistic it is going to be the end of September. 
But we will keep you informed with regular updates
In the meantime we are still open with our preview store, so if you haven't already come and see our new space, put your name down for our mailing list and keep planing your winter projects because when we are open we will have some fantastic yarns for you to choose from .
We are also planning new workshops so if anybody has anything ideas, crochet, knitting or sewing please let us know.

Please carry on being patient it will be worth the wait!!!

and this is how we are looking so far 

In the meantime we have been doing workshops with a very smart 8 years left handed knitter! she taught herself from the internet and i have corrected her technique a little! 
She is very inspiring!

Doing more children's workshops is something that we are planning to do with the new shop.

Friday, 19 June 2015

Saturday 20th June

Tomorrow - 20th June - Woool is closed
We will be in Antwerpen checking out julija's shop and De reuzen - De Reuzen is where giants invade Antwerpen and wander through the streets, telling a story! it promises to be amazing!

and how are things going at Woool.......

The new plans are going well - we are slowly getting our new furniture

Today i have been sanding and waxing what will be our fabric cutting table. I love working with wood as much as i love working with yarn - my dad is a carpenter and my mum had a yarn store so all of this makes sense! 
And we hope that we are still on plan for our end of August/ beginning of september opening!
On the needles or should i say just finished is one sock( there will be 2 i hope!) from my favourite sock pattern writer - Cookie A- it is Jelly Fish from her new book socks by the sea  

 The yarn is Hand dyed ReSkein, but i have to confess that i am not sure that i  can dye this colour again, but i am very keen to try.! 

Thursday, 4 June 2015

just a quick post

Well i hope everybody enjoys the sunshine today - it is long overdue.
Today -Thursday 4th June Woool will be closed.
No its not because we are enjoying the sunshine but we are going on a furniture hunting trip in Brabant! 
We will be in the shop tomorrow (Friday) and Saturday.
I hope that we haven't caused you any inconvenience

Thursday, 28 May 2015

World wide knit in public day

This year our WWKiP will be held at our new store on the Westeinde.
Unfortunately with the moving and things we forget to plan this in, and so we will be having a party day at the shop.
The footpath outside is wide enough to accommodate knitters on chairs, so if the weather is good we can be in "public"
There will be a picknit - so bring some food and knitting!
There will also be bingo, with crafty prizes
and just generally lots of fun!
Please join us from 13.00 onwards on Saturday 13th June 2015!

Friday, 15 May 2015

Leiden Textile festival

if you have time in the next 2 days you really should go to the Textile Festival in Leiden.
Not only is Leiden a lovely town ( much nicer than Delft) it is really quite quirky and odd, with lots of unusual things that you just stumble across, and the Textile Festival was great!
Usually i can't identity with the ladies who quilt and felt, but this time everything seemed more modern, traditional techniques made into items that appealed to me.
 We came across felted vases and books, in lovely colours

In Pieterskerk, the sights were amazing 

But this wasn't for everybody!

Leiden its self had more to offer!

And lastly we did a workshop, just a taster workshop on the Japanese embroidery technique Sashiko.
It is amazing, so lovely to do and when i have finished everything i have on the needles, sewing and knitting, it will be my new addiction!

so if you do have time, please go to Leiden!

Friday, 8 May 2015

Projects at Woool

After much searching i am knitting hard on 2 new projects! it took a while to find then, but they are both well on the way.
This project is from - a great online magazine that has patterns for beginners to advanced knitters
The pattern is lady lismore shawl.
My shawl is knitted in Manos del urguary silk blend fino in silver tea set - its is a lovely soft merino and silk yarn. The yellow yarn is Easy knits that i found in my stash.
But it is a nice easy knit
This project is an almost finished baby cardigan, that well come with a pattern, as soon as i have written it! the idea is that it will be a beginners knit, using a circular needle and knitting all in one piece.
The yarn is a very practical cotton blend from Rico - Cotton soft Print - and i think, when it is finished, it will only have 3 balls in!
And lastly for this post a photo from yesterday evening from the new shop!